Slim Rovo Swing Waist Exerciser

Slim Rovo Swing Waist Exerciser

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What exactly is a Slim Rovo  Machine?

1) Slim Rovo machine is passive aerobic massager / exercisers that does not require high impact movement on your part like joints.

2) They use a side to side swinging motion that tones, strengthens and oxygenates your body, increasing your feelings of well-being. 

What is a passive aerobic exerciser?

Using a passive aerobic exerciser can target area you want to lose inches and helps improve cell oxygenation and circulation just like aerobic exercise but without raising blood pressure or heart rate and stress on muscles and joints. Using it daily improves your metabolism, helps align the spine, releases muscle tension, stimulates the immune system, and gently gives motion to your internal organs. There is no jumping, running or climbing stairs.

More benefits of the Slim Rovo Machine below

1) It can target area you want to lose inches where it is needed such as your waist, thighs, buttocks, hips, and abs 

2) Exercise without stress of your body

3) Reduces stress and tensions

4) Tones and conditions your muscles

5) Strengthens and limbers up the spine and joints 

6) Improves posture, Corrects certain misalignment of the spine 

7) Firms your body after weight loss

8) Improves lymph circulation over entire body

9) Only takes 15 to 30 mins a day

10) Decreases fatigue , improves sleep disorder

11) Increase flexibility and range of motion, stiffness and less pain from arthritis!

12) Strengthens the immune system 

13) Increase metabolism, helps digestive system by improving the function of internal organs 

14) No age restrictions 

Improve your healthy lifestyle with Slim Rovo.

Weist Massager Slim Rovo shakes lin 8 shape continuously while you are sitting on it.

While when you are still on it, your abs and waist will be stimulated. It is perfect waist excercise to get slim waist.

It has 3 buttons that controls on/off, and speed of the movement. 


Using Method

1) Take out the big seat installed sets and small seat installed sets from the carton box, and then put the small seat installed sets into the big seat installed sets.

2) Put the power plug into the outlet electrical socket.

3) Press the power switch, the light will light and at standby mode. Pic1.

4) Hold the both prominent side by your hand and sit down.

5) Press the control button, start the waist shaping program.



The default working time is 10 minates.


The weight of user should not be heavier than 240lbs

Don't wear watch, bangle and not put cellphone, keys and other valuables in your clothes when you use the products. You may get hurt or may get damaged for the products.

Please keep the body at balance position when use, if the body at skew position will be easy to fall down.

Please twist your waist when use for getting better effect




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