[OPEN BOX, B] 4D Exquisite Rhythmic HSL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair, HM-Kappa Black

[OPEN BOX, B] 4D Exquisite Rhythmic HSL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair, HM-Kappa Black

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The Massage Feeling Note of HM-Kappa:

Pleasurably Vigorous.

4D SKMS-09M-225L massage system - Over 10,000 experienced user feedback, kahuna chair user experiences, we have developed a more intelligent and sensual massage chair. It will accelerate your body condition to reach its best condition with intelligent, sensual touch of the chair. 15 unique massage programs to accommodate all types of body conditions. Able to accommodate user’s height between 5’ to 6.2’ and weight up to 330 lbs.


Kappa provides The Most Intense and Vigorous Massage, that can ever be performed by massage chair, yet the broad intensity control allows the chair to perform  gentle and mild massage as well.

Intensities, and adjunctive functions can precisely be controlled to provide the massage and the environment as customizable as possible to attain the perfect serenity and satisfaction.


Massage Sensation (Texture) Guide:

Sharp: 1.2.3,4.5

Round Blunt:

Delicate: 1.2.3,4.5





Auto Programs

24 Auto programs

6 Kahuna Daily Programs
Air mode
Sleep mode
Deep Tissue Massage
3 Kahuna Stretching Programs
Kahuna Stretching
Kahuna Yoga Stretching
Kahuna Active Stretching
2 Kahuna Chiro Programs
Kahuna Chiro
Twist Chiro
4 Kahuna Special Sports Programs
Golfer mode
Fast Recovery


  1. Fully automated movements of full-body scanning 4D SKMS-09M-225L Massage system.
  2. Space-saving with zero gravity technology.
  3. 15 unique auto massage programs accommodate all types of body conditions.
  4. Fully customization & custom saving options available of manual massages.
  5. Able to accommodate user’s height between 5’ to 6.1’ and weight up to 330 lbs.
  6. Hyper SL-Track (51.2 inches) is the most ergonomic massage chair track that can reach every inch of your spinal curvature.
  7. The rhythmic Kahuna air-cell movement system contains 96 individual air cells and more intelligently promotes blood circulations and maximizes oxygen levels.
  8. Heating Therapy on Upper back, Lower back, legs, and feet area with 3 different temperature control.
  9. Bluetooth Premium Speakers Android / Apple App available to control the massage chair.
  10. New Backlit remote control will give you control in the darkness and led light on the side of the chair will give better night vision and relaxing mood.

Height Variations



Series: HM Series - Superior
Coverage: Full-body
MASSAGE SYSTEM - Track: HSL-track - 51.2"
MASSAGE SYSTEM - Mechanism: 4D
MASSAGE SYSTEM - Technique: Kneading , Kneading +Knocking , Shiatsu , Tapping, Knocking, Rolling
MASSAGE SYSTEM - Speed: Up to 6 levels
MASSAGE SYSTEM - Session Time: Maximum - 60 Minutes
MASSAGE AIR - Intensity Control: 5 levels
MASSAGE AIR - Area: Shoulder, Arm, Lower back, Legs, and Feet
MASSAGE AIR - Air-cell Quantity: 96
MASSAGE FOOT - Roller: 3 Scrapping Rollers
MASSAGE Auto - Basic & Special Programs: 11 programs - Renew, Kahuna Yoga-Stretching, Twist Yoga-Stretching, Active Yoga-Stretching, Kahuna SV-Chiro, Twist SV-Chiro, Rocking, Anti-stress, Deep Tissue, Sleep Aid, All-Air Modes and 4 special programs - Dynamic Sports, Golfer, Athletic, Fas
MASSAGE Manual - Area Massage: Full-body, Partial area of choice, Fixed Point
FEATURES - Space Saving: 5" from the wall
FEATURES - Reclining Zero Gravity: 3 stages of zero gravity
FEATURES - Automatic Body Scan: Yes
FEATURES - Heating Therapy: Upper back, Lower back, calf, and feet
FEATURES - Leg Extension: Auto, 7" Extra length
FEATURES - Castors: Built in castors for easy movements
FEATURES - Remote: Colorful remote that matches the side panel with back light on the button
SIZE - Recommended Height: 5' 0" to 6'2"
SIZE - Recommended Weight: Under 350 lbs
SIZE - Shoulder & Seating Size: Shoulder - 24" Seating 17"
SIZE - Chair Upright Position: 45" X 57" X 33"
SIZE - Chair Reclined Position: 38" x 33" x 75" + 7" (Leg extension)
Warranty: 5 Years Full (Part&Labor) Warranty
Accessories: Built in 2 Remote holder and tablet stand
Additional Features: Bluetooth Premium Speakers
Additional Features: APP Controller available
Additional Features: Kahuna Tablet with pre-installed app is included


Kahuna KAPPA Manaul




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