[OPEN BOX, A] 3D+ SL-Track 4 Roller System Ultimate Relaxation, EM-8300 Grey

[OPEN BOX, A] 3D+ SL-Track 4 Roller System Ultimate Relaxation, EM-8300 Grey

Kahuna Chair EM-8300


Inspired to change your daily life

• The Best feeling of relaxation with the elite series
• Elite 3D + 4 Roller mechanism allows fine and delicate touch to provide the best feelings of the massage
• Elite series provides 24 powerful & unique auto programs to provide total rejuvenation.
• User-friendly touch screen tablet remote and quick control bar gives an even faster and easier start. It lets you adjust the auto programs, massage speed intensity, and seat positions quickly to give you the perfect adjustment during massage sessions with one touch.
• High-quality embossing style seat cushion and acupressure points on the arms to amplify the massage effect on the arm.
• [Foot & leg] Foot and leg extension adjusts automatically to your size. Soothing massage on Foot and leg with roller mechanism with heating therapy
• Premium surround Bluetooth speakers / Wireless Phone charging included
• Pre-assembled with durability and hassle-free package.
• Larger size hip airbags for thigh & Hip hold down the body more effectively during the massage session and provide a cozy feeling during massage.
• Multi zero-gravity positions (The Most Neutral body posture to equally distribute the weight pressure) and space-saving technology
• Slim side LED light provides a soothing atmosphere in the dark room.




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