[HM] Slender Style SL-Track with heating therapy Kahuna Massage Chair, HM-5020

[HM] Slender Style SL-Track with heating therapy Kahuna Massage Chair, HM-5020

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The delicate, yet dense kneading massage is produced through the proprietary narrower side-to-side motion of the rollers built in HM520. Furthermore, Firm and dense rollers that are complementing with smooth rolling, generate tension relief without discomfort.

Rollers Information:

Sides to side movements of HM5020’s rollers are narrower than the typical roller systems, hence they perform a more delicate focused massage.

Upper set : 1.5 " in width & 2.5" in Diameter

Lower set : 1.5 " in width & 2.5" in Diameter



    You have finally encountered with a massage chair that you can eat, read, and have facial treatment on which allows you to freely come in and out during the massage accordingly to your situation.

    Accommodation of the widest range of body sizes and Two Configuration options of massage for either Sole or Calves.


    Fully Assembled

    1. Heating therapy on the back.
    2. Two configuration options of footrest for either Foot Reflexology or Calve massage.
    3. 6 massage techniques
    4. LCD Screen remote controller
    5. Roller Speed, Air Intensity, Massage Width Control
    6. Fixed Point to Overall Massage
    7. Massage Time Control
    8. Hip, Calve, and Foot Air bag massage
    9. Customizable zero gravity
    10. SL track with 4 Rollers system
    11. Easily transportable in the house
    12. Built-in USB connection
    13. Accommodates from under 5' to 6'5

    Auto Programs

    6 Auto Programs

    1. Fatigue Relief
    2. Relax
    3. Pain Relief
    4. Rock Rotating
    5. Neck and Shoulder
    6. Lower Back Mode


      Assembled: Fully assembled
      Series: HM Series
      Coverage: Neck to Legs or Sole
      MASSAGE SYSTEM - Track: HSL-track - 51.2"
      MASSAGE SYSTEM - Roller: 4 of 2" high elasticity Rollers
      MASSAGE SYSTEM - Technique: Kneading, Kneading + Knocking, Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, Rolling
      MASSAGE SYSTEM - Speed: Up to 5 levels
      MASSAGE SYSTEM - Session Time: Maximum - 60 Minutes
      MASSAGE AIR - Intensity Control: 5 levels
      MASSAGE AIR - Area: Hips & Legs or Sole of the feet
      MASSAGE AIR - Air-cell Quantity: 10
      MASSAGE FOOT - Roller: 2 Scrapping Rollers
      MASSAGE Auto - Basic & Special Programs: 6 Auto Programs
      MASSAGE Manual - Area Massage: Full-body, Partial area of choice, Fixed Point
      FEATURES - Space Saving: 7" from the wall
      FEATURES - Reclining Zero Gravity: 3 Stages of zero gravity
      FEATURES - Automatic Body Scan: Yes
      FEATURES - Heating Therapy: Yes
      FEATURES - Leg Extension: N/A
      FEATURES - Castors: Built in castors for easy movements
      FEATURES - Remote: backlight on the button
      SIZE - Recommended Height: 4' 10" to 6'4"
      SIZE - Recommended Weight: Under 300 lbs
      SIZE - Shoulder & Seating Size: Shoulder - no limit Seating 18"
      SIZE - Chair Upright Position: 57L x 26.5W x 47H
      SIZE - Chair Reclined Position: 73L x 26.5W x 33H
      Warranty: 1 Years Full (Part&Labor) Warranty
      Accessories: Remote pouch
      Additional Features: USB connection, Short Cut keys, Heating Therapy




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